Current Mood: We are the weirdos

Current Mood: We are the weirdos
March 30, 2017 lulustars
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Light leaks. Rainbow Shakkas. Black Nail Polish. Stars in Your Eyes/ Kim Gordon. Sonic Youth. Torn Jeans. Pink Hair. Pink Faux Fur. Riots Not Diets. Fairy lights and Photographs. Damning the Man and Saving the Empire. Black. Liv. The Craft. Johnny because Johnny. Save the Last Dance For Me. Pop Culture. Sunflowers. Diane and Renton. Art is NOT a Crime. We Are The Weirdos Mister. It’s All Lies Darling. TLC on The Creep. Succulents. Shirley. Tangible Music – CDs and LPs. . City scapes and Fences. Sicker Than Your Average. Cute Hair Don’t Care.

“It’s fun to smash guitars”, Kim Gordon.  xx With love. Team Kid. Team Lulu Stars.