“Here Comes The Sun”. Summer 2018 is HERE!

“Here Comes The Sun”. Summer 2018 is HERE!
September 4, 2017 lulustars
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We are so excited to share with you our latest Summer Collection “Here Comes The Sun”.

Do you remember the summers of your childhood? We do. In fact we remember them so well that this summer we wanted to pay homage to the summers long gone by. The summers where you rode your bike to and from friends houses each afternoon. The summers where your hands were constantly sticky from an afternoon of Calypso’s or Pine Lime Splices or if you were extra lucky a Bubble O Bill. Days where you didn’t wear shoes at all, that extended into weeks of being barefoot and grazed knees and stubbed toes. Mornings spent playing and afternoons hastily making plans for the following days. Afternoons under hoses and sprinklers with water bombs and home made slip n slides or if you were lucky a friend with a pool or even better a nice neighbor who would let you swim in theirs. Entire summers where you just threw on the coolest dress you could find that wouldn’t get caught in your bike, or you just paired shorts and shirts never wondering if they matched but when you look back in old family albums somehow everything always just worked together… because childhood and summertime are the always the perfect match.

We have SO much to share from this collection, and if the fact winter has gone and we seemed to have skipped right past springtime then it looks like this will be one long hot summer. Awesome.

xx Team kid. Team LuluStars xx